Web VISION2020: Capture, store, integrate, query, manage, control and shares the myriad of digital documents that are part of our daily to do, in a collaborative environment and file structure with its own Digital Engine structured searches.

Secure storage and unlimited (depending on hardware) through a scheme of virtual volumes. Each V.V. supports up to 503 million files stored regardless of its length or size. And VISION2020 Web has the ability to manage 99 virtual volume expansion or more.

Security module: Set the minimum length for user passwords, state whether it is mandatory to use letters and numbers key, put force on the keys and locking out users after X failed attempts to enter the system.

Emulates the organization that exists physically at Name-based file, Drawers and Folders / Files.

Supports all kinds of documents / files with digital signatures.
• Documents are stored on Web VISION2020 may NOT be altered.

Web VISION2020 has a log module with 3 security levels (confidential, private, public) that are recorded in the database and can not be altered by anyone. Annotations can be applied to any file type (MSG, AVI, XLS, DOCX, etc.). Within the file and the file itself. These entries are unlimited and takes a full traceability of the same over time.

It has a wide range of reports:
- Reports of expiration.
- Reports of incomplete files.
- Reports of empty files and not empty.
- Reports based dynamic search / filters made to the files.
- Reports configurable level of the search indexes of files.
- Reports are generated in HTML format and allow column sorting, sending e-mail and import to other applications.

• Has a dedicated viewer of multimedia technology and browser independent Data Streaming, which allows to view emails with attachments.

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